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Dental Hygienist

​Meet Anna

Anna has been a hygienist with DeLacey Dental since 1998.  Forming relationships with patients and learning about them is what she loves most about her job.  She approaches dentistry with a sense of humor, a bit of sarcasm, and the occasional threat.  When she’s not working, she can be found traveling, drinking wine, cooking, or training for marathons.  (Not necessarily in that order)


Dental Hygienist

​​Meet Jillian

 Jilly has worked at DeLacey Dental since 2017. When you meet her you’ll be drawn to her light hearted nature and attention to detail.  She is always learning about dental health and passing that information on to her patients. One of her favorite things about dentistry is helping patients build confidence in their smile.

Fun fact: Jillian has a Sphynx cat named Voodoo…he has no hair


Dental Hygienist

Meet Eliza

Eliza has worked at DeLacey Dental since 2008.  Eliza's goal for her patients is to improve their daily hygiene routine and to improve their whole-body wellness by living a healthy lifestyle.

Fun Fact: Eliza loves to cook and makes amazing potato pancakes


Dental Hygienist

Meet Jenny

Jenny has been a hygienist with DeLacey Dental since 2020. She finds reward in educating her patients on their oral health and building relationships with them.  As an avid traveler, she loves hearing about their lives and adventures.

Fun fact: Jenny has an identical twin sister


Dental Hygienist

Meet Laura

Laura joined the DeLacey Dental family in 2021.  She enjoys taking her time with each person and really listening to them. One of the fun things about her job is learning about new products and techniques so that she can share that information with others.  Outside of the office, Laura is a professional artist and teaches art to children. 

Fun Fact: Laura grew up in South Dakota. Giddy up!


Dental Hygienist

Meet Rocio

Rocio joined the DeLacey Dental team in 2022.  Her favorite appointment type is a child’s first “happy visit” at the dentist! She loves making a fun, positive, and memorable dental experience for every patient that comes into the office. Her advice to someone interested in dentistry is to make sure their heart is passionate about helping others and to constantly learn.

​​​Fun Fact: ​​Rocio is a youth group leader at her church



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